Gum Packaging

An electric packaging refresh meeting current environmental standards. Fitting 12 pieces of gum into a box never looked so comfortable.


An aluminum pack wrapping each piece in plastic is annoying to use. The blister pack can be compared to a loud bag of chips rustling around or the look of a sick person’s medication. When the pieces are punched out, it creates a messy display of aluminum and squished plastic which does not reflect Excel’s image well when seeing the package out and about.


Update packaging to be more convenient, silent & modern that reduces the amount of trash in landfills.


Wrigley's Excel Gum


Branding, packaging


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop


Final Product

The redesign completely removes the need for an aluminum pack, featuring a completely biodegradable paper box. Energy usage in production is lessened without the need to produce the aluminum and plastic blister pack. While aluminum is sustainable in the sense that it can be reused, it can still contaminate because not all recycling centres accept it. Taking about 400 years to break down in the landfills, it is nothing compared to the few months it takes for paper.

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