Five Yoga Stretches
for Better Posture

Balance mind, body and spirit while relieving the negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle with these five stretches. I do these yoga poses every day for one minute each. Please note I am not a trained yoga instructor.

  1. Wide-Legged Standing Stretch

    Prasarita Paddotanasana

    The wide-legged standing forward bend is a hip-opening forward bend that strengthens and stretches the legs and can help with mild backache.

  2. Pigeon Pose

    Ardha Kapotasana

    The pigeon pose is a hip opener, which gives more rotation in the hip flexors and is great for those who sit for work or run often! People with knee and hip issues may want to stretch with caution, avoid this or get clearance from a professional.

  3. Seated Forward Fold


    The seated forward bend is a foundational posture for all levels of experience. Seated forward fold stretches the back of the legs, the arms, back, shoulders, and neck. The stretch is also a grounding posture that helps with sciatica and tight hamstrings.

  4. Frog Pose


    The frog pose opens the hips and groin. Frog pose helps with circulation and posture, stretches the front part of the body, and strengthens the back muscles. Frog pose should be done with caution, with attention on the lower back. It is advised to take caution when getting into and coming out of this posture.

  5. Lying Shoulder Stretch

    The lying shoulder stretch is particularly beneficial to people who have tight chests and shoulders. This stretch is stranger to get into, but it feels great once you're there. During the lying shoulder stretch, you should move slowly and listen to your body. Don't force it, and breathe deep.

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