BEX Interiors

A fresh, yet familiar, flashback visual identity to break through the clutter of competing interior design brands.


Create a new competitive position to take BEX Interiors to the next level and drive growth. Refresh the brand and better communicate what they stand for.


Provide a geometric solution, yet with personality, reflecting mid-century modern design. The best result is that clients walk in the door (cold, without being directed to them personally), arriving because they identify with the brand.


BEX Interiors


Branding, print


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator


Final Product

Brand building is storytelling at its finest. I focused on what mattered most to the key stakeholders to drive growth, and crystalize the messaging to distinguish BEX from their competitive set.

I used visual expression to strategically signal organizational advancement, which engages new audiences and revitalizes old ones. Taking the science of brand strategy and interior design, and giving it the creative force to perform at its highest potential level helped create a refreshing nod to retro-modernism.

Business card

Kit folder


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