Portrait of Alex Spagnuolo

Hi, welcome

I'm Alex.

A 21 year old junior graphic designer rooted in Canada's capital. I'm a young, dope and proud Algonquin College graphic design alumni looking for blood. I take pride in running my creative services like an agency while I start my career.

People connect through emotion and feeling. Harnessing relationships and connections that are already there are how I help people realize their visions.

Being an INFJ-A (and a leo), I strive for perfection and meaning in my work. Mistakes are an important part of growth, which I embrace. I'm always looking for a challenge.


I like to keep my palette wet with multiple creative fields. I've done things I love in each of my interests, skills and expertises, listed below!


Communicating what customers can expect from my clients are one of my specialties. I love unearthing stories behind brands by crafting timeless logos and identites.


From business cards, letterheads and folders, to pop-up banners and posters. Print is a powerful way to communicate your brand experience, qualities, ideals and promises.


Eye-catching visual design providing brand awareness, call-to-actions and advertising are one of my niches. I love the satisfaction of my work displayed, creating impressions all around with the goal of leaving an unforgettable experience.


I've only dabbled in package design, but I know I have a knack for it. Customers first reactions are towards the packaging for a product, being the forefront to any brand.


Whether it be digital illustrations, iconography, or pencil portraits, I've always loved drawing and illustrating.


Having taken photography courses and keeping it up as a hobby, photography is an artistic outlet of mine to capture personalities and stories.


Typesetting has always been one of my big interests. If your work and type looks good and feels right, people will stick around. Giving audiences my respect by giving their experience my serious attention is big and more than just picking a typeface.

Web & e-commerce

Websites using HTML and CSS, web banners and ads, social media, e-commerce, Shopify. Anything that has to do with digital experiences, I adore.

Social media

Front-end design to community based platforms are one of my big interests. Having worked on social media templates and taking pride in my own Instagram, I have the experience and know-how on reaching more people.


Motion graphics are definitely one of my interests and something I have under my belt. Transforming the field of advertising with the use of motion graphics with immersive, memorable experiences are what I love.

Hey there!

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